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Wood, which offers versatile use, is both a healthy and natural and aesthetic material. Using wooden plates, bowls and different utensils can strengthen your connection with nature in our daily lives. More natural elements in everyday life mean less stress. In our wood category, you can find many different product options that are convenient and stylish. You can examine the most beautiful examples of wood art with a special design difference. We can list our wood product options that can be evaluated in different fields such as hotel, cafe, restaurant, kitchen, service, garden, children's education as follows.
-Wooden boxes

-Wooden coffee tables, tables

-Wooden presentation plates

-Trays and treats

-Wooden games Birdhouses and playhouses

-Animal figures

-Types of table organizers

-Wooden coasters

-Breakfast and cookies

-Plates for serving tea and coffee

-Steak and chopping boards

You can examine the products on our website in detail and make choices according to your taste or needs.

Modern Wood Product Options for Hotel Restaurants and Cafes

One of the new trends that increase customer satisfaction in the service sector is the back to nature concept. Special design wooden presentation trays and plates are preferred for food presentations and beverage presentations. Wooden cups and snacks are appreciated as a healthy option while complementing the authentic atmosphere. Foods such as künefe, chocolate or ice cream provide aesthetic presentation and ease of use with wooden serving plates. Hotel-type encounter trays are part of modern hotel concepts. Oval, triangular, rectangular or round wooden trays are presentation details that improve quality in hotels, cafes and restaurants. Sauces and cookies make a difference with stylish designs. Special designs such as playing card cookie set, heart-shaped presentation plates add aesthetic value to the business. Products such as Turkish coffee presentation plate, French Press coffee presentation plate or tea presentation plate reveal a modern and impressive presentation style in cafes. Cheese, pizza, pita presentation plates are functional and stylish products for restaurants. Specially designed fish and meat presentation plates in the form of bulls and fish are excellent options for restaurants to serve stylish dishes. Our popular cafe, restaurant and cafe product options are as follows:

-Fish-shaped presentation board for fish restaurants

-Meat presentation board in the form of bulls and rams for meat restaurants

-Pita and pizza special presentation board for restaurants

-Turkish coffee, filter coffee and tea service plate for cafes

-Künefe, chocolate and ice cream presentation plates for restaurants

-Hotel-type wooden welcome trays for hotels

Special Production Functional Designs with Wood Art

Wood allows for a variety of designs as a natural material with its workability, durability and quality. It is possible to experience quality with products that combine the mastery of wood art with functional products. Different choices can be made according to the type of tree, according to the dimensions, according to the finishing technique. Options that you can choose for wood products as a type of tree;




-Poplar Plywood

-Beech Plywood



Wooden designs have different sizes of product options. Products can be finished with natural oil, colored varnish or water-based varnish, as it may be preferred in raw form. The artistic aesthetics and quality of workmanship can be clearly seen in detailed products such as Acrobat Trainer Wooden Balance Game. Stylish presentation concepts can be created in restaurants with functional products such as presentation plates, cutting boards, cookies and breakfast dishes. Products such as jigsaw cookies and breakfast snacks are modern and convenient options. Such designs, which give more space on the table, are both stylish and very functional.

How to Place a Multi-Order from Custom-Made Wooden Products?

You can choose products from our website, which makes custom-made wooden products easily accessible for businesses such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. You can get a price quote by specifying how many pieces of the products you have selected with the product code. You have the opportunity to get an easy offer for the product you want in the quantity you want with the Get an Offer button located in the lower left corner of the site. If you want logo, pattern and printing, you can also send the print image you want along with the product code. You can use our logo on wood or laser marking services on wood. You can make a custom logo print on all the products you want, which will strengthen the prestige of your business. To get a quotation;

-Enter the stock code of the selected product,

- The amount of the order you want,

-You can send us the print image if you want.

In the product details, you can see which tree the product is made of, the finishing technique and dimensions.You can use our expert support for the questions you have in mind.You can get detailed information about what you want by contacting us by phone, by message or by e-mail.

Things to Consider When Using Wooden Products

Wooden products have a long service life when used correctly. There are some rules that must be followed to prevent damage to the wood, no matter what product it is. Special design, you should pay attention to the product descriptions when ordering first-class wooden products from our site. After receiving the products, you should also pay attention to the following points when using them;

-Wooden products are absolutely not washed in a dishwasher.

-Cleaning of products should be done manually with warm water and soap

-Wooden products should be treated with natural oil every two months.

-Wooden products in contact with water should be dried immediately.

-Wooden products should not be stored in a humid environment.

By viewing our site, you can easily get our products that fit your needs with options that fit your budget. You can review the products in detail, you can always contact us for special solutions for you.


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