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Presentation and Service Plates

Presentation and serving plates are among the must-have dec of stylish dining tables. The use of these plates, which add visual richness to the table, facilitates both the food service and helps to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

What is the Presentation and Serving Plate Used For?

The presentation and serving plate is used to facilitate the serving of dishes prepared in the kitchen to the table. Some types of dishes are served to the table, and not directly on the dinner plates. To stylishly perform the presentation of such dishes, special presentation and serving plates are used.

Our Serving Plate Models

There are many varieties of our serving plate models that add elegance to dinner tables. You can choose the colors and models suitable for your needs from the wide range of service decklets we offer with our rich product range.

Square Serving Plate

A square serving plate is a type of serving plate that helps to look stylish, especially on square and rectangular tables. It is recommended to give preference to colors that will harmonize with the integrity of the dining set and the table.

Rectangular Serving Plate

Rectangular serving plate is a type of serving plate that is conveniently used on square and rectangular tables and contributes to a stylish appearance. All sizes of rectangular serving plates are extremely convenient to use.

Marble Serving Plate

Marble serving plate, which offers a natural and aesthetic appearance, is one of the most preferred serving plates because it gives richness to the table.

White Serving Plate

The white serving plate is the most preferred serving plate both in home use and in places where food is served. Its perfect harmony with every color is one of the most important reasons why white serving plate is preferred.

Long Serving Plate

The long serving plate offers a stylish look, especially on large tables. It is an ideal serving plate for celebration tables or special organizations.

Large Serving Plate

The large serving plate is ideal for serving multiple varieties of a food at the same time. It is recommended to use it on large tables.

Prices for Serving Plates


The december plates we offer with multiple colors, materials and models have an affordable price range. You can bid to buy presentation and service plates wholesale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Make a Rotating Serving Plate?


Under the rotating serving plate there is a mechanism by which the plate can rotate comfortably. Thanks to this tool, called the turntable mechanism, it is possible to make stylish presentations.

What Does a Serving Plate Do?


A serving plate is a plate used to serve warm, hot, or cold dishes to the table. Its use gives the table an aesthetic appearance.

How to Prepare a Serving Dish?


When preparing a serving dish, it is necessary to take care of serving hot and cold dishes separately. It is important to make visual adjustments for a stylish presentation.

What is a Serving Plate Coaster Called?


The bottom of the serving plate is called supla. The use of supla adds a stylish look to the table.

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