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The service plates that we offer with stylish and high-quality options have various sizes and designs. December December December Decembers, height range and volume range by searching by criteria such as height range, you can see the exact models you are looking for. You can find special designs of different brands on our website on service plates, you can order wholesale or even you can make the prints you want on the models you want. Businesses such as hotels, cafes and restaurants can evaluate various options for modern presentations. Logo printed service plates are appreciated as a prestige indicator for businesses. As Edthoreca, we also offer the Dec to make special prints while combining different options. You can easily review the serving plate options according to the presentation types on our website. You can check out special design models as well as varieties such as appetizers, salads or main courses. Special design models, for example, a serving dish in the form of fish, make the presentation of the dish much more stylish. You can access the service plates that will add quality to your business service standards from our website. You can easily and quickly get a quotation by sending us the products you like along with the stock code, the desired print image if there is an order preposition, and the price quote. You can also take advantage of our special discounts for wholesale orders.


Serving Plate Models

Serving plate models vary according to the food presented. At the same time, models are also diversified according to size, shape, color, pattern and design. There are many different options such as serving plates used in appetizer presentations, serving plates used for main courses, soups, salad serving plates. Depending on the types of food served, serving platters may be preferred. Special design serving plates also offer a variety of models. For example, heart-shaped serving plates can be used in appetizer presentations. Leaf-shaped models that stand out as a modern design are also highly appreciated models. Here are some stylish serving plate models that you can choose;


-Naples Porcelain Gourmet Serving Plate 15x15 cm

-Green Drop Porcelain Serving Plate 31x23 cm

-Porcelain Seashell Service Plate 25x20 cm for Those Who Come from the Sea

-Glass Vao Porcelain 21 cm

-Oval Service Charisma Porcelain Grill Service Plate 29 cm


Serving plates can be preferred as different designs for grilling, for fish, for juicy dishes. We have special serving plate options for different table details such as pasta, salad, sauce. Businesses can make different choices in the kitchen area where they offer services, you can print a logo or a different pattern on the service plate models you want.


Prices for Serving Plates

Serving plate prices vary depending on factors such as plate size, design, whether there will be a logo. You can get a quote for a model of your choice. You can also take advantage of our discount opportunities for wholesale orders. You can share the stock code, order quantity and print image with us when receiving a quotation for a product of your choice. You have the opportunity to get a quotation by clicking on the Get Quotation button or by sending an e-mail to us. Although there are prices that vary depending on the brand and model, our company offers offers that you will be satisfied with the price with a customer-oriented service approach. Choosing from Decommissioned serving plates, you will get even more economical results. You can choose quality and stylish models according to your operating budget. You can evaluate discount opportunities for wholesale orders and have presentation details that will improve the quality of the business at very affordable prices.


Serving Plates with Different Color Options and Sizes

We offer a very wide range of products on serving plates. As for the design, you can evaluate the product options in different shapes, different sizes and different colors. There are options such as round, oval, rectangular or triangular in shape. December Decembers can search our website according to the criteria of plate diameter, width range, height, volume and height range. Plain white and plain black round-square models are the most preferred classic models. Watercolor effect designs are models that you can consider as modern options. Models with an ethnic pattern are also quite stylish. Serving plates with partitions are very functional options. Puzzle Deckchairs stand out among functional and stylish models. Special design service plates such as airplane, car and cat can also be preferred for different presentations. You are offered the opportunity to search by Decimation by Decimation by the search criteria on our website. You always choose from a wide variety of options in color and pattern at affordable prices


Porcelain Printed Service Plates Wholesale

You have the opportunity to make the desired print on the serving plates. You can print your business logo or the desired pattern on quality porcelain service plates. Printed porcelain serving plates are preferred in hotels, cafes and restaurants both as a stylish advertisement and as a presentation aesthetic. You can order a serviced plate in bulk. You can make economical and high quality choices by taking advantage of our special discounts for wholesale orders. We offer you the opportunity to order all the products of your choice in bulk. We deliver the products to you by printing the print you want on all the products you have chosen in a short time. Service presentation plates are at Edthoreca at affordable prices.


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