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Porcelain is the most commonly used material for making kitchen products and decorative products, as it creates a stylish and aesthetic appearance. The main role of stylish tables is always dining sets made of high-quality porcelain. For this reason, the dining sets and presentation plates that are preferred for both general use and for hosting guests in homes are especially selected from porcelain. Porcelain dishes and kitchen utensils are widely preferred in businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels, as well as in homes. You can view porcelain products that offer elegance, elegance and ease of use on our page.  


Types of Porcelain Plates

Porcelain plate types are the most preferred products, although there are many alternatives. There are more than one model and variety of porcelain plates that add richness to the tables even alone. A serving plate, a dinner plate, a soup bowl, a flat plate and a kayak plate are the must-haves of the tables. In addition to these types of dishes, porcelain saucepans, milk cups, cups, tea plates, teapots and many other auxiliary products are the accompaniment of pleasant moments at the tables. The types and uses of porcelain plates that we offer on our page and with the possibility of wholesale purchase are as follows:


Porcelain Flat Plate

A flat plate, also often referred to as a serving plate, is a flat-shaped plate placed under a dinner (pit) plate in a table layout. Since it has a large surface, it is also often used as a presentation dish. Different sizes and beautiful models of flat plates are available on our page. The service plates produced with modern designs have square and round options. In addition, we also have rich color and pattern options. You can view the types of porcelain flat plates that are ideal for hosting your guests in the best way on our page.  


Porcelain Pit Plate

The pit plate, more popularly referred to as a dinner plate, is located in the table layout; above the flat dec, under the soup bowl. The size of these varieties of dishes, which are especially ideal for juicy or hot main dishes, is dec 19-20 cm. The light pit structure helps to get the dish easily. It is one of the must-have plates of dinner sets to create rich tables. You can also find the types of porcelain pit plates with modern design that we offer with rich color options on our page.  


Porcelain Soup Bowl

The soup bowl, which is a must for hot starters, is located on the pit plate in the table layout. No other plates are placed on top of the soup bowl, which is located on the top side of all dishes. Porcelain soup bowls that we offer in square and round forms have different size options. Our bowl types, which help you to drink soups with pleasure, attract attention with their modern designs. You can browse porcelain soup bowls on our page, where wholesale purchases are available for businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels.  


Porcelain Kayak Plate

Porcelain kayak plate types are undoubtedly the most functional plates among the plate types. Deckboard plates are the most functional plates among the plate types. Because kayak plates are extremely ideal for serving and making presentations. You can check out these versatile plates that are used to serve salads, appetizers and all other treats on our page. It was so named because traditional kayak plate models have a structure reminiscent of a real kayak, and it has been popularly called by this name to this day. Today, modern designs of various forms of kayak plates are also widely used. You can browse the types of porcelain kayak plates that we offer with a rich choice of models in different sizes and different depths from our page.  


Porcelain Breakfast Plates

Breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day in terms of health, is also the most favorite meal. Starting the day at a pleasant breakfast table helps to have a high motivation throughout the day. It is possible to spend this important meal extremely enjoyable with porcelain breakfast plates. One of the porcelain breakfast plates that facilitates the presentation is a cheese plate and the other is a porcelain breakfast tray. In addition to these, olive oil varieties, jam container, butter container and split spices are the most stylish accompaniments of breakfast tables.  


Porcelain Appetizer Plates

Porcelain appetizer plates are plates that are as functional as kayak plates and flat plate types. You can make a wholesale purchase offer for your business by reviewing the models of porcelain appetizer plates with beautiful colors and patterns on our page, which are ideal for use at every meal of the day.  


Types of Porcelain Sauces

Sauces are extremely important for some types of dishes. Because the sauce is a complementary flavor. Sauces, which are important for dishes, are served differently. Some of them are served as portions in small porcelain bowls, while some types of sauces should be served on the table with a milk-like sauce. Both forms of presentation add richness to the table. You can contact us to make a wholesale purchase of the models you need by reviewing the types of sauces available on our page.  


Porcelain Auxiliary Products

On a stylish table, auxiliary products, as well as varieties of dishes, attract attention. Therefore, the same attention should be paid to the types of dishes as well as auxiliary products such as ovaries, salt shakers, pepper shakers, toothpicks and tea plates. These products, produced with modern designs, add visual richness to the tables as well as integrity. You can find the porcelain auxiliary products you need on our page.  


Porcelain Tea Coffee Cup

There is no other drink that can replace tea or coffee drunk after a pleasant meal. The only option for drinking these delicious drinks with great pleasure is a porcelain cup. The taste of tea and coffee drunk is another with our elegant cup varieties that have unique designs. You can give a price quote for bulk purchase by examining our porcelain tea and coffee cup varieties that we offer with rich color, pattern and model options and which can also be personalized with logo printing.


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