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Breakfast and Snack

Our breakfast and snack options, which raise the presentation standards for businesses such as hotels, restaurants or cafes, are located in this category. Among the products that combine the quality and aesthetics of wood with artistic designs, Dec can choose a model that fits the business vision. Wooden designs are both stylish and very healthy options. It improves both the quality and attractiveness of tables. The designs acquire an excellent aesthetic appearance with characteristic shaping. Original design details can be added for businesses such as hotels or cafes. Customization can be made by adding the desired detail such as logo or name to the design. You can use the services such as logo, pattern and printing Dec are among our customer-oriented solutions for the products you choose. You can buy stylish designs that will fit your concept at affordable prices.

Wooden Designs that Raise Operating Quality Standards

The convenient and stylish breakfast and snack designs produced by the art of wood carving offer options suitable for the service facilities of different businesses. For stylish presentations, models that raise business standards may be preferred. Among our models that stand out in special design cookie and breakfast options Dec the following;

-Playing card symbol wooden cookie cutter

-A presentation plate of cookies and fruits in the form of violins

-Cookie and breakfast presentation set, which is divided into a puzzle and combined in the form of a puzzle

-A variety of heart-shaped wooden breakfast and cookie plates

-Special design breakfast plate for children in the form of a duck

-Types of split breakfast service and cookie presentation plates

-Types of special design sauces with compartments

-Presentation plate options in shapes such as flowers, pallets

-Specially designed wooden breakfast plates such as olive plates, ovaries

You can easily find your needs in our wide range of products such as breakfast and cookies. With our affordable prices, you can choose products that reflect your style and concept, and buy them by examining them in detail.

Product Selection in Accordance with the Business Vision and Service Possibilities

Special design breakfast and cookie models you can choose the options suitable for your possibilities. You can also request design details such as a business-specific logo when ordering any number of products in any size you want. Use the filtering and support features that will make your job easier when choosing;

-Height, plate diameter, width and height December according to presentation possibilities

- Beech or iroko options as the first quality tree according to preference

-Preference for natural oil or water-based varnish as a finish in the design

-The chance to review the ranking criteria by price or product with preference

-Instant application with product stock code, order quantity and print image to get a quotation

Standards for Long-Lasting Use of Wooden Breakfasts and Cookies

Specially designed wooden products produced by Elsanat have a long service life when used correctly. Properly cleaned wooden products separately from other kitchen utensils will not deteriorate. Conditions of use of first-class wooden cookies and breakfasts;
-Products should not come into direct contact with water.

-Products in contact with water should be dried immediately.

-Wooden products should not be washed in the dishwasher.

-Vegetable oil should be applied to the products with a cloth every two months.

-Products should be hand washed with hot water and soap.

-It must be dried very well after washing.

Presentation Plates and Sets for Creating a Concept

It is important for every business to create a customer-oriented concept in terms of satisfaction and profit. For breakfast and cookie presentations in hotels, restaurants and cafes, products appropriate to the hotel's concept should be preferred. For example, if paper games are often played in a cafe, cookie designs such as spades and flies complement the perfect presentation, while heart-shaped sets for breakfast presentations at the honeymoon hotel fit the concept. Wooden sets are quite effective, especially for a natural breakfast presentation. In presentations made for the family, special plate designs for children provide plus satisfaction. In hotels, restaurants and cafes, special logo and printing options can be evaluated to reveal the business character. Presentation designs such as violin design are great options for presentations accompanied by music. You can review healthy and stylish breakfast-cookie presentation sets that reflect the characteristic features of your business and that will please customers on our website. You can also create business-specific sets with the products you have selected. This is how you can also adjust the aesthetic details that indicate the quality of the enterprise. Split sets for breakfasts allow you to easily create order and elegance. You can review the special design products on our website to create the concept you want.

How to Print on Wooden Cookies and Breakfasts?

You can make the desired visual print on the products you have selected. You can add the business name or logo on cookies and breakfasts. When receiving a quotation, you can get the service you want by sending it to us, even if the product is printed with the stock code. If you want how many products you want, they can all have the same logo. If you want, you can also order products without printing. Lettering and visual printing can be done on wood. Printed products reflect the characteristic features of the enterprise, and such details are perceived by customers as prestige. Such printing and writing services can be used to demonstrate that the enterprise is prestigious. You can get a price quote by telling us how many breakfast and snack models you have chosen and how many you want. The models you choose can be custom designed according to your requests. You can print your logo on the products as an indicator of quality and prestige. With our wood laser marking service, you can reflect your brand in any way you want.

How Much are the Prices for Wooden Cookies and Breakfasts?

The breakfast and cookie products on our website are special design products. Each product is designed with the art of wood carving in craft workshops. Prices vary depending on the characteristics of the products, the type of tree, the dimensions and the desired quantity. It is quite easy to get a quotation. By sending us the codes of the products you have selected and the printing image you want, if any, you can immediately find out how much the product will cost in the quantity you want. You can contact us for all the details, get expert support. We have discounted price advantages for bulk orders for businesses. You can easily perform all operations from our website, where we supply and sell high-quality products for cafes, hotels and restaurants. You can easily get a quote for the products you have selected from the Get a Quote button.