Vector graphics are a type of graph that is not dependent on resolution, where each point of the design is made up of numerical data, and no detail is lost even though the size is changed.

What are the differences between vector format and image file (bitmap)?

Bitmap-based images (jpg, bmp, png, gif etc.) are created with pixel based programs but vector graphics (ai, cdr, pdf, eps, svg etc.) are created with vector based programs. Vector graphics aree widely used in the following fields; company logos, images containing text, drawings requiring technical and precision, and so on.

The only weakness of the vector format is that you can never move your design to photo quality. A bitmap graphic is a graphical form that can be made from millions of colors and present a flawless image in the specified dimensions. Contrary to vector format, bitmap graphics have resolution problem and can only be used on the produced size.

As you will see below, even if both images look the same, enlarging the dimensions will cause distortion in the bitmap files, however vector drawings will not be distorted as they can be used in any dimension.

vektör bitmap farkı

Which programs are used?

The most commonly used programs for vector work are Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Corel Draw (.cdr), and in some cases Freehand and Inkscape.
Vektörel dosyayı nereden bulurum?

Where to find the vector file?

You can currently request the vector format of your logo from your design agency or graphic artist. One of the above programs must be installed on your computer so that you can see the contents of the vector files. If you want to design a new logo, the following links can help you. (non-free) (free)