Our company supplies all of the products on our website. We also apply printing on them and send toyou. Aside from special project printing orders customers does not need to send products to be printed.

For all items on our website, minimum order amount is 48 pieces, but total order amount should be 144 pieces which are all porcelain or glass. When glass and porcelain products are ordered together total amount should be 144+144=288 pieces.

Send the *stock code, *order quantity and *print image of the product for which you request price information, via e-mail to price@elsanat.com.tr or click the Get Offer button on the product page. Price information is not given over the phone.

Generally, price offer is delivered to you within the day, and digital image is prepared and send to you on confirmation. On request, a sample product (charged) is prepared within 2-5 days. When confirmed, your order is made ready to deliver within 7-15 days depending on order amount, number of printing colors, and our workload.

Before you place an order, make sure you read explanations and conditions about sales, payment, delivery, sample, printing colors, and technical issues.

Our catalogs containing all products for cafe, restaurant and hotel use

Information about order, payment and delivery

Printed porcelain and glass product usage instructions and recommendations

Information about printing samples and colors on glass and porcelain products