Akasya Sunum Tahtası 31x23x1.8 cm

Akasya Wooden Service Board 31X23X1.8 cm

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Serie Name
Height (mm)
Height Range
0 - 10 mm
Width (cm)
Width Range
21 - 25 cm
Length (cm)
Length Range
31 cm +
Ağaç Cinsi

Porcelain products are fired at 800°C and glass products at 600°C, so printed porcelain has a much higher strength than printed glass.

Printed porcelain products can be used for up to 1500-2000 washes in the dishwasher (3 years), but hand washing is recommended for longer use and printing brightness.

Printed glass products, on the other hand, are unfortunately not as durable as printed porcelains. When washed in the dishwasher, fading, scratching and removal can be seen in the prints, so glass products must be washed by hand. Prints on glass and porcelain do not come off when scraped with any metal or hard object.

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